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Petite shining white Chinese porcelain with winding serpentine features - curly handle, lid and spout.

White interior allows for clear inspection of the leaves during use.
Lid fits securely on body allowing for a very quick, clear and accurate pour - no drips.
Dimensions: Height: 80mm Width: 120mm (handle to spout) Volume: 108ml.
Origin: China.
Material: Porcelain.

This porcelain teapot is best suited to Oolong Tea. It may also be used for drinking Red (Black), Pu-erh or Aged and Fermented Tea to taste the true and exact flavour. Yixing Pots extend and enhance the flavour of these teas. Porcelain is non porous so this teapot may be used to drink multiple types of tea.

All our teas and fine ceramics are 100% handmade by artisans, selected and drunken by us personally. 

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