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The L6 pot is of professional quality - with a spout that is shaped to pour quickly and precisely - an excellent choice for daily use. The design features a generous body that can accommodate big leaves and release maximum flavours.

Authentic Yixing Pot (Purple clay).
Excellent quality of clay.
Professional standard.
Quality of the clay allows for an even distribution of heat.
Shape of the spout allows for a very quick, clear and accurate pour - no drips.
Lid fits perfectly in place creating a tight seal.
Colour demonstrates a warm gray coloured clay.
Dimensions (pot body): Height: 85mm, Width: 43mm, Volume: 170ml.
Origin: China.
Material: Purple clay.

This pot is well suited to Oolong - especially Tian Guan Ying, Pu-erh and Aged - especially Old White Tea. Please choose only one oxidization for your pot as the porous purple clay absorbs the flavour over time, thus one tea type will compliment the walls resulting in a pot that smells fragrant and loyal to its type and tea that tastes better and better with each brew thanks to the special nature of the clay used.

To ensure a progressive increase in the fragrance and colour of the tea - Yixing pots should only be rinsed with water - no soap or dishwashing liquid.

All our teas and fine ceramics are 100% handmade by artisans, selected and drunken by us personally. 

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