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This handmade Gong dao bei (serving pot) is sharp pouring and perfect for dark tea. It has an impressive and clean pour resulting from intention and masterful work from its creator.

Artist piece.
Excellent quality of clay.
Youthful and modern design - Korean style ceramic.

Shape of the spout allows for a very quick, clear and accurate pour - no drips.
Dappled finish, contrasting shades of terracotta with a deep maroon that exudes a subtle iridescent finish depending on the lighting.

Dimensions: Height: 80mm Width: 90mm (at widest point by spout) Volume: 175ml.

Material: Clay

The serving pot is an integral tool for Gongfu style brewing. It accompanies the teapot or gaiwan and distributes the soup into the cups evenly. Made from non porous ceramic - this serving pot may be used to drink multiple types of tea but we suggest a dark tea as its preference.

All our teas and fine ceramics are 100% handmade by artisans, selected and drunken by us personally. 

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